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Hans Wittwer

1894Born on 4 February in Basel
1912–1916Studied architecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) Zurich, architecture diploma, topic of the final thesis: Hotel on the lake
1916Office practice with Karl Moser in Zurich
1917Construction foreman for the sample fair in Basel
1918–1919Cooperation in the architectural office of Karl Moser in Zurich
1920–1921Practice as mason and foreman in and around Basel
1922–1924Worked as an architect and foreman in the Alfred Widmer architectural office in Basel
1924–1925Study visit to London, attending courses on urban planning [?] at the University of London
1925–1926Own architectural office at Spalenberg 59 in Basel
1925Competition design train railway station Geneva-Cornavin, competition design office building of the Actienbrauerei in Basel
1926–1927Joint architectural office with Hannes Meyer at Luftgässlein 3 in Basel (April 1926 – January 1927)
1926Competition design Petersschule Basel (together with Hannes Meyer)
1926–1927Competition design for the Palace of the League of Nations in Geneva (together with Hannes Meyer)
1927–1929Teacher for installation theory and technical design at the Bauhaus in Dessau, from 1928 master craftsman at the Bauhaus and head of the building department, worked with Hannes Meyer on the award-winning design for the ADGB-Bundesschule and was then responsible for the detailed planning; as head of the Berlin building office, he was significantly involved in the construction
1929Marriage with Julia Rieder (1907–2005)
1929–1933Head of the architecture studio and the studio for interior design at the Burg Giebichenstein State School of Arts and Crafts in Halle (Saale), architect for the Halle/Leipzig airport company, artistic advisor to the Merseburg city administration
1929March–July: design of the check-in building with restaurant for the airport Halle-Schkeuditz, October: second design of the airport building, conversion of the shop "Roter Turm" in Halle (Saale) into an exhibition site of Burg Giebichenstein
1930Conversion of the offices of the state governor in Merseburg, design of a semi-detached house with studio (Kirschbergweg) for the teachers Karl Müller and Erwin Hahs of Burg Giebichenstein (not executed), summer: harbour tavern (single-storey circular building) for the Saale-Harbour in Halle-Trotha, detached housing WOBA in Basel
1931Opening of the airport restaurant in Halle-Leipzig in spring, reconstruction of the tea pavilion in Bad Lauchstädt including the various castle workshops, competition restaurant of the Zoological Garden, Basel
1933In June: dismissal from the teaching profession and from consulting activities for the City of Halle by the NSDAP
1933–1934Independent work as an architect in Halle (Saale), resumption of the semi-detached house project, at the beginning of May: admission to the Reich Chamber of Culture, design of the colony of civil servants in Leuna
1934–1952Returned to Basel and took over the parental business together with his siblings, no continuation of the architectural activity
1952Died on 19 March in Basel

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