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News about the Trade Union School

Virtual walk through the Bauhaus in Bernau

Open Monument Day
Bauhaus Campus Bernau opened several doors

For the Open Monument Day on Sunday, 13 September and under the motto "Chance Monument: Remembering. Preserve. New Thinking", numerous doors opened to guests free of charge at the Bauhaus Campus Bernau. More than 400 visitors, among others from the surrounding area, Germany, Italy and Japan, came to Bernau-Waldfrieden to explore the historic ADGB Trade Union School and today's UNESCO World Heritage Site. Most visitors gladly accepted our offer to look beyond the facades of the former Trade Union School. Most of them spent several hours with us and also explored the extension buildings and one of the teachers' houses. All in all, it was a really successful day with the best late summer weather and good spirits from all sides.


Bauhaus tours
A walk through the World Heritage

The Bauhaus in Bernau is located in the north-east of Berlin. The former ADGB Trade Union School is today a "living monument". The Chamber of Crafts Berlin uses today's Meyer-Wittwer-Bau as a boarding school for apprentices and is therefore only accessible on agreed guided tours. Every Thursday and Sunday at 11.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. you can join our guided Bauhaus tours through the UNESCO World Heritage Site by appointment at Group tours outside these times can be requested at


New edition on Hannes Meyer in Bernau
World cultural heritage at the gates of Berlin

The ADGB Trade Union School has been located in a pine forest near Bernau since 1930. Yellow brick, steel, concrete and glass - the central federal school of the General German Trade Union Federation in Bernau is impressive with its clearly structured architectural structure and its ideal integration into the Märkish landscape. This publication traces the path of the former ADGB Trade Union School, how it was awakened from its "sleep" and, with extensive renovation measures and partial reconstructions, became the modern building it was in 1930. In contributions by those responsible at the time and important architectural historians, the volume shows the state of restoration in 2004 and reveals what still needed to be done. With references to the former architect, the "red" Bauhaus director Hannes Meyer, and selected contributions to correspondence with GDR architects on "his" Bernau school in the late 1950s and early 1960s, the homage to Meyer and the former ADGB Trade Union School is rounded off. A new edition of the publication, which appeared in 2004 as Issue 4, from the series of publications of baudenkmal bundesschule bernau e. V. The book is published in German.

Website for UNESCO World Heritage Day still online

This year, due to corona-related restrictions on events, UNESCO has designed the UNESCO World Heritage Day website. All German World Heritage sites were able to participate and have diligently provided material to highlight the special features of their sites. The website is still online and you can  watch our videos and download free Bauhaus paperfolding instructions and colouring pictures, too, at It's worth taking a look!

„School in the woods“ – 1928 until today
Exhibition about the Trade Union School

The exhibition "SCHOOL IN THE WOODS" – 1928 UNTIL TODAY in the rooms of baudenkmal bundesschule bernau e. V. is dedicated to the eventful history of use and construction of the former Trade Union School, along with its campus life: from the construction of the school by the legendary Bauhaus in Dessau for the ADGB, through the occupation of the school by the SA and its associated conversion into a Reichsführer School (School for Nazi Commanders) until 1945, through its decades-long function as a prestigious Trade Union College in the GDR, to its subsequent vacancy and, finally, successful renovation and current use as a boarding school for the Berlin Chamber of Crafts.


Paperworks from the Bauhaus foundation course

We are happy to share the booklet of Eric Gjerdes paper folding workshop for your corona pleasure. He did teach those folding examples inspired by Josef Albers foundation course during the international summerschool 2017.


Download PDF (6,5 MB)


The Inventory of the Trade Union School

It is no secret that Hannes Meyer kept both his former office partner, Swiss architect Hans Wittwer, as well as the entire Bauhaus building department busy around the clock designing the ADGB Trade Union School building. But just how much Bauhaus design is actually in the building? Bauhaus researcher Dr. Anja Guttenberger explores this question in her short essays under the heading From Building to Bed.



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