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News about the Bernau Bauhaus

Extended until June 30
children's exhibition "red - yellow - blue. the bauhaus for children"

In response to the great demand, the interactive children's exhibition "red - yellow - blue. the bauhaus for children" has been extended! Under the motto "The Bauhaus was a school!", children can experiment and try things out at individual stations until June 30. Experiment with light, color and shadow like László Moholy-Nagy, draw large like Johannes Itten, weave like Gunta Stölzl or bend metal rods like Marcel Breuer and Mart Stam. A visit is worthwhile in any case!


Get to know our association

Since 1990, baudenkmal bundesschule bernau e. V. has been committed to the preservation and restoration of the former ADGB Trade Union School. It researches and publishes topics related to today's UNESCO Bauhaus World Heritage Site and has the most extensive collection on the 90-year history of the school. Learn more about us and our projects here. We are looking forward to meeting you!


Hannes Meyer
The "red" Bauhaus director

The Swiss architect Hannes Meyer became Walter Gropius' successor at the Bauhaus in 1928. He had already come to the Bauhaus in Dessau a year earlier with his building office partner Hans Wittwer from Basel to set up the long-awaited architecture class. His directorship brought a fresh wind of change to the Bauhaus. Life and the organisation of the workshops became more liberal and open to all Bauhaus students. Now the women were also free to decide in which workshop they wanted to be trained after the obligatory preliminary course. The structure of the workshops was simplified into building and furnishing departments, which emphasised the desired joint work of all Bauhaus workshops on one building. When Meyer won first place in 1928 with his competition entry for the ADGB Trade Union School in Bernau and was thus awarded the contract for planning and construction, it was clear to him that this building was to become his first (and only) Bauhaus project, which was to realise this work, which Meyer considered ideal, as a collective. An ambitious project, successfully implemented. In 1930, only three months after the opening of the Trade Union School on 4 May, Meyer was dismissed by the Dessau magistrate in absentia due to his openly left-wing political stance.