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News about the Bernau Bauhaus

Still no Bauhaus tours possible!
Exhibition also closed

Due to the regulation for the containment of the coronavirus, we are unfortunately unable to offer guided tours of the Bauhaus ensemble at present. However, anyone who would nevertheless like to take a look at our 360° picture series can put together their very own tour at the click of a mouse.

Our exhibition "SCHOOL IN THE WOODS" – 1928 UNTIL TODAY will also remain closed until further notice. In the coming weeks you will be able to read new articles about the former ADGB Trade Union School and discover selected objects from the exhibition. And you can also stay up to date in the social media: on Facebook and Instagram @bauhausdenkmalbernau.

News from the association

Get to know our association

Since 1990, baudenkmal bundesschule bernau e. V. has been committed to the preservation and restoration of the former ADGB Trade Union School. It researches and publishes topics related to today's UNESCO Bauhaus World Heritage Site and has the most extensive collection on the 90-year history of the school. Learn more about us and our projects here. We are looking forward to meeting you!


300 metres of "silver fabric" for the auditorium
Anni Albers' diploma thesis for Bernau

In order to counteract the undesired echoing in the lecture hall of the Trade Union School in Bernau and to distribute the light optimally throughout the entire room, a material was needed that could meet both requirements. Since such a material did not yet exist in 1929, the Bauhaus promptly commissioned one of its best weavers to develop a suitable material for the lecture hall of the Trade Union School in her diploma thesis. The "silver fabric" was to become Anni Albers' ticket to the newly founded Black Mountain College in the USA when she was no longer safe in Germany as a Jew in 1933.



News about the Visitor centre

Construction site news

Where there was a gaping hole after the demolition of the aging refectory, the UNESCO visitor centre for the Bauhaus Monument Bernau is now being built. In the meantime, the wall elements and the roof have been cast in concrete. Every single board of the narrow plank formwork is being pressed into place here. The dimensions of the visitor centre are now fixed and the windows have been installed. The goal of opening the visitor centre in October 2021 is within reach.



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