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Hannes Meyer
The "red" Bauhaus director

1889Born on 18 November in Basel
1905–1919School of applied arts, mason apprenticeship in Basel, various levels of architectural training and employment in Berlin design offices, becomes self-employed architect in 1919
1913–1915Study trips to the Netherlands and England
1909–1914Involvement in various political associations, including the Swiss cooperative movement, Schweizer Freiland and German land reform movement
1915Assistance with Georg Metzendorf in Munich
1916Work in the building administration of Friedrich Krupp in Essen
1919–1924First important responsibilities in cooperative housing development, Freidorf Estate in Basel
1926–1927Joint architectural office with Hans Wittwer at Luftgässlein 3 in Basel, important competition designs 1926/1927
1926Competition design Petersschule Basel (together with Hans Wittwer)
1927Competition design for the Palace of the League of Nations in Geneva (together with Hans Wittwer), appointment as Master of Architecture by Walter Gropius at the Bauhaus in Dessau
1928–1930Bauhaus director, participation in the competition for the ADGB Trade Union School Bernau near Berlin (design together with Hans Wittwer), 1st prize and building contract (end of April 1928), extension of the Dessau-Törten housing estate with five balcony access houses
1930Dismissed without notice for political reasons, Hannes Meyer emigrates to the Soviet Union with seven of his Bauhaus students, works as a lecturer at the Moscow University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (WASI), leading position in several architectural offices, most recently working at the newly founded Academy of Architecture
1933–1934Participation in the planning of the city of Birobidzhan in the Jewish Autonomous Region of the USSR of the same name
1936Return to Switzerland, few opportunities for architectural activities
1938–1939Cooperative Children's Home Mümliswil, Switzerland
1939Appointment in Mexico and head of the newly founded Institute for Urban Development and Planning, followed by various activities in the design sector
1949Return to Switzerland
1954Died on 19 July at Crossifisso di Savosa