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Events at the Bauhaus Monument Bernau

Events are regularly held at the Trade Union School on the following occasions:


UNESCO World Heritage Day

June 7, 2020

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Tag der Bernauer Vereine (Day of Bernau Associations)

August 30, 2020



Tag des offenen Denkmals (Open Monument Day)

September 13, 2020


Tag der Stiftungen (Day of Foundations and Charities)

OCTOBER 1, 2020


Each scheduled program will be announced in advance on our homepage and in the newsletter.

Open Monument Day
Bauhaus Campus Bernau opened its doors

On Sunday, 13 September for the Open Monument Day and under the motto "Chance Monument: Remembering. Preserve. New Thinking", numerous doors also opened to guests free of charge at the Bauhaus Campus Bernau. More than 400 visitors, among others from Bernau and its sourroundings, Germany, Italy and Japan, came to Bernau-Waldfrieden to explore the historic ADGB Trade Union School and today's UNESCO World Heritage Site. Our Bauhaus guides awaited the visitors in the rooms of the Trade Union School to share their knowledge about the school's history of the construction and use. They included architecture specialists, contemporary witnesses from the Federal Union College (as the current Bauhaus monument was called between 1952 and 1990) and Bauhaus experts. People looked, debated, painted, folded and marvelled at what a wonderful and enchanted place the Bauhaus in Bernau is.

The Bauhaus exhibition of the Oberstufenzentrum I Barnim and the extension buildings were once again perceived by visitors as an independent monument and "sister" of the Trade Union School. Once again, many guests understood that the architectural history of the Bauhaus Campus Bernau extends far beyond the Bauhaus to the GDR and – with the visitor centre currently under construction – even to the present day. In addition, many interested parties took part in our two special tours around the extension buildings and through the teachers' housing estate of the 1950s to 1960s.

This time we were able to welcome many families with children and young people to explore the monument in their own way. The winter garden was fully occupied for the entire four-hour period with children, teenagers and adults, who together folded and painted in a sometimes more, sometimes less Bauhaus-affine way.

The curators of our exhibition "SCHULE IM WALDE" – 1928 TO TODAY, Natalie Obert and Julia Herfurth, also received many visitors in the teachers' house. In this way, really everyone was able to gain extensive insights into the Bauhaus Campus Bernau – from the Bauhaus to the architecture of the young GDR. Most of the visitors gladly accepted our offer to look beyond several different doors and spent several hours with us.

All in all, it was a really successful day with the best late summer weather and good spirits from all sides.