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Berlin Chamber of Crafts

The owner and operator of the Meyer-Wittwer-Building (the historical ADGB Trade Union School) is the Berlin Chamber of Crafts. After extensive renovation and reconstruction work (2002–2007), the former Trade Union School is now used as a boarding school for the trainees of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts from the nearby BIZWA (Bildungs- und Innovationszentrum Waldfrieden). Since the apprentices make the Bauhaus Monument Bernau a living monument, free access for visitors is not possible. A walk around the building, however, provides historical and contemporary insights on a total of eleven information panels with photos and short texts. Orientation is provided by two site plans at two entrances to the campus grounds. Guided tours of the Bauhaus Ensemble also take place four times a week, which can be booked here in advance.


"Meyer-Wittwer-Building" – UNESCO World Heritage Site

When the UNESCO committee decided on July 9, 2017 in Krakow to incorporate the Bauhaus building ensemble around the Meyer-Wittwer-Bau into the World Heritage List, the dedicated efforts of all those involved over 27 years were finally rewarded. Already in 2003, the BRENNE GESELLSCHAFT VON ARCHITEKTEN office began the renovation and reconstruction measures for the restoration of the Meyer-Wittwer-Bau in accordance with historical preservation guidelines — two years after the Berlin Chamber of Crafts had become the resident of the architectural monument. In 2008 came the first international recognition: the architects Winfried Brenne and Franz Jaschke, along with the Berlin Chamber of Crafts as developer, were awarded first place for the "World Monuments Fund/Knoll Modernism Prize" in New York in recognition of their work on the restoration of an extraordinary monument.

"The restoration of the AGDB Federal School, which was built in 1930 in accordance with a design by Hannes Meyer and Hans Wittwer and with the comprehensive participation of the Bauhaus building department, was first preceded by extensive research into the building," reports Winfried Brenne. Numerous conversions and additions during the GDR era had made the Meyer-Wittwer Building partially unrecognizable. Brenne was pleased to report, however, that after the careful removal of these modifications, it turned out that a large portion of the original substance had been preserved in surprisingly good condition. "Details from the construction period could be made visible again, while at the same time, elements from the conversions of the GDR era were also preserved, so that a dynamic interplay with the architecture from the Bauhaus era could emerge."


The Waldfrieden Training and Innovation Centre of the Berlin Chamber of Crafts (BIZWA) in Bernau-Waldfrieden is an educational institution of the Berlin crafts sector. With this institution, an important training facility was created in the Berlin area, which focuses on the training of the next generation of craftsmen. The BIZWA is of particular importance for the Berlin and Brandenburg education market due to the inter-company apprenticeship training within the framework of the initial vocational training, the close cooperation with the agencies for employment / job centres in Berlin and Brandenburg, as well as the offer of further education measures for specialists and executives – coupled with various national and transnational projects.


Vocational training at the highest level in classrooms, laboratories and workshops equipped with the latest technology – this is what the BIZWA offers. With their location in Bernau-Waldfrieden they offer an optimal learning environment. The BIZWA is a vocational training centre with a supraregional catchment area. In addition, modern, well-equipped seminar rooms are available for events.


Berlin Chamber of Crafts


Handwerkskammer Berlin
Bildungs- und Innovationszentrum (BIZWA)
Wandlitzer Chaussee 41
16321 Bernau

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